Greyhound Adoption Program...

Greyhound Adoption Program

Greyhound Adoption Program

Guide Dogs Victoria, Chandler Hwy, Kew
Sun, Mar 2, 10am – 4pm


If you have read about my earlier experience at the Hobart Thousand in December, you might ask yourselves what happen to the dogs once they retire from racing? A Greyhound’s racing career may last only a short period of time but it continues to live on maybe up to 14 human years. So where do they go from there if they are not lucky enough to retire as a pet with its current owner?

In Australia where animal rights becomes top priority, a Greyhound adoption program was developed to ensure that these ex-racing dogs will be well looked after as well loved pets, a life richly deserved after putting in grueling hours on the tracks.

Dr. Hugh Wirth, Honorary President RSPCA Victoria quoted “Of all the dog breeds that I have treated in veterinary practice, the Greyhound is one of my favorites. They are gentle, loving and a thorough couch potato! No wonder there is an increase support for the Greyhound adoption program for they truly make wonderful pets.”

Normally in certain restricted areas in Australia, if you walk your Greyhound in the open, it has to put on a muzzle. This does not apply if you adopt a retired racer from the Greyhound Adoption Program. This is because, these dogs have been put through a training period to adapt to the lives of normal pets before they are placed for adoption. The latest news released was that of the support rendered by the prison inmates at certain locations where they become the “pre-adoptive” parent to these dogs in-charge of training them the basic commands as well as others required to make them a great pet. This program is monitored by registered officers and has proven to be a huge success. The dogs that graduated from this program is them placed with well matched individual/s who will treat them as part of their family. Bottom line is that one can look forward to having a great pet, friend and companion if they are successful in adopting one of these dogs.

I met a group of individuals promoting this program when I was at the GDV Open Day. We got to talking and they told me that there is a misconception amongst the public about adopting a Greyhound. Due to their previous lives as ex-racers and their general built, the public tends to think that they require a huge lawn or backyard to run as well as having to take them for long walks constantly. This is totally UNTRUE. A Greyhound is capable of short burst of energy to accelerate but not a long distance runner. They do not require heavy exercise to maintain a healthy body. A short walk with the owner around the block, a routine check up at the vet and coupled with a healthy eating diet are all they need. One of the happiest adopted Greyhound lives in a townhouse with its owner and is contented with having its head stroked while watching tv, sitting on the couch besides it’s owner! Another plus to adopting them is that their coat is short and easy to maintain. There’s no tangle to de-mat and not much hair to vacuum around the house. They are well developed with beautiful bone structure, have lovely temperament, not a messy dog, good with kids and able to shower you with total devotion. What else can you wish for? A pet like them is comparable to having the best cut diamond in the world (well, to me at least!)

For those who are interested in adopting an ex-racing Greyhound, take note of the following details:

Official site

(03) 57992909

CHECK THIS OUT: 40houndsneedhomes


Below are the photos of the participating dogs on that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them and feel free to drop any feedback or suggestions to

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