Hobart Thousand Greyhound Racing 2007...

Hobart Thousand Greyhound Racing December 2007

Hobart Thousand Greyhound Racing December 2007

The Races, Hobart
December 2007


I've read so many stories and articles about greyhound racing and was talking about it non stop in Tasmania until my brother in law decided to take me to the "real thing".

The Hobart Thousand is the most prestigious greyhound racing event in Tasmania and definitely one of the best in all Australia. The favorite of the day was Ricky Ponting's dog, “First Innings”, that was rumored to bring Australia's best criketeer another glory. Unfortunately the dog came last in the event. Could it be due to too much pressure or simply lack in experience to run the race, one will never know. The winner of the day was “Train A Journey”, a male Greyhound 4 years of age.

So how does a Greyhound trains to become a racer? It all starts from selective breeding program where the best dam and sire of winning reputation are matched. Their litter will be carefully monitored and the ones with promising attributes will be selected and carefully developed thru vigorous training and muscle building program. It may sound a bit scary as though the dogs are being worked to death but in actual fact, they are not. It’s all properly monitored by trained professionals and the dogs are very much looked after. In the olden days, the dogs used to run against each other trying to catch a live hare. Breeders of fastest ran hares were greatly admired along side the Greyhound owners. Spectators used to shout encouragement for the hares to run for their lives instead of encouraging the Greyhounds to catch them. In the event where a hare was caught, the spectators will turn silent and look away from the tragic enfolding in-front of them. Times has changed and with that, we humanized the sport by developing a special mechanical lure that will run along the course for the Greyhound to catch. Their reputation as the 2nd fastest animal with an accelerating power next to a Cheetah, allows the Greyhound to run faster than a car around a dirt track. The secret to it lies in the fact that the Greyhound has better grip that gives him better traction control. Wow, talk about God’s brilliance in muscle designing.

Michael, my brother in law,  told me that in order to really "experience" the thrill of greyhound racing, I should place bets on the dogs. After long and hard digesting the info in the race booklet, I decided to bet only on the Hobart Thousand Race. Michael told me to chose 3 dogs and I decided on the only female, the youngest male and Ricky Ponting's dog. Well, we all know that his dog didn't win but my other two line ups actually won the other two places. Remarkable isn't it?

After watching the race, I was hooked on Greyhound racing and on my way back kept on telling both Nick & Michael a little bit of history behind it. even told them the story of Billy the Greyhound that Dr. Harry wrote in one of his books. I'm sure both the guys were not impressed by my knowledge but what the heck, I had a great time at the race, I didn't win any money betting but at least I'm satisfied that 2 out of 3 of my guesses made it to the podium.

The photos are very dark as we were far away from the podium. Nevertheless, they serve as a great reminder of the 1st greyhound race that I went to.

Location: Wrest Point Race Gounds, Hobart, Tasmania
Winners: 1st – Train A Journey
2nd – Avalon Chief (Youngest in the race)
3rd – Kyra Shiraz (The only female in the race



Below are the photos of the participating dogs on that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them and feel free to drop any feedback or suggestions to groom@petgroomerspro.com.

Love & kisses,

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