RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2008...

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2008

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2008

Albert Park, Melbourne
May 2008


It was raining since early in the morning but the light shower certainly did not deter thousands of dog lovers from supporting this year’s charity walk. They came out from everywhere around Victoria in many colors and form. They came from different backgrounds, faith and religion. The only bond these strangers have between them is their love for dogs.

The walk was an avenue for owners and their dogs to mingle and socialize as well as performing a light exercise. Walking around Albert Park Lake with the dogs provide the best low impact exercise to both parties. Dogs like humans, need a lot of exercise and socialization in order to remain healthy and happy. RSPCA, by organizing the Million Walk, not only helps dog lovers and their pets to achieve a balance lifestyle while doing something for charity, also opens up avenues for them enter various competitions held on that day. One that was highly popular was the dog agility contest. Witty remarks and comments given by the commentator made the event merrier. Giggles and laughter as well as shouts of encouragement could be heard loud and clear urging for the dogs to run faster, jump higher as well as not to be afraid to go through the canvas tunnel. No one seems to care about the droplets of water falling on their heads. The rain is like a blessing as God opened the heaven’s gate to bestow us with water to overcome the draught, thus, every drop was welcomed.

There were other stalls opened that day. Local councils had a stall to provide owners with local dog ownership regulations and advice, a stall opened by RSPCA for merchandise sales, information on dog adoption, as well as hot food for both owners and dogs respectively, individual companies promoting their products (pet accessories) and produce (wine tasting) and best of all, a stall set up by “Doggymates” for free membership enrollment. Members of “Doggymates” actually swap looking after their dogs when they go for holiday thus saving hundreds even thousands on boarding charges.

As the sky became clearer, we could feel the warmth ray of sun thus making the atmosphere livelier. Dogs busy checking out each other by sniffing and exchanging hellos and a few were even playing around amidst tangles of leashes.

I just love to attend these social activities specially designed to bring together dogs and owners in peace and harmony. It’s so beautiful to be among these dog lovers and share their joy of having man’s best friend as their pet. I also would like to thank everyone who shared a few moments with me swapping doggy tales as well as those who allowed me to muck around with their dogs. Thank you, have great fun with your dogs and see you again next year.


Below are the photos of the participating dogs on that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them and feel free to drop any feedback or suggestions to

Love & kisses,

NR of Pet Groomers Pro


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