Royal Melbourne Show 18 Sept 2008...

Royal Melbourne Show 2008

Royal Melbourne Show 2008

Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne
18 Sept 2008

The Royal Melbourne Show started with a bang amidst strong wind and intermittent shower throughout the day. Equipped with my ever faithful camera and video cam, I braved the wind by walking to the Regent train station. It must have been pure luck as the train to the city arrived within minutes. 20 minutes later, I arrived at the Flinders Street Station where I was directed by the friendly customer service officer to catch a direct train to the showgrounds via platform 8 & 9. I felt somehow alienated at the designated platform as all around me were traveling with either friends or family, and here I was, a loner amidst all the lively chatter.

The journey from Flinders station to the showgrounds only took 8 minutes but upon reaching there the queue was so long, it took 25 minutes for me to purchase a ticket. Nevertheless, I was very happy that I managed to make my way over in one piece. I got a copy of the showground map and since the rain was starting to get heavier, I made my way straight to the Dog Pavilion to seek shelter and bask in the dogs’ loving presence.

Again, luck was on my side as the judging for Australian Silky Terriers was just under way. It was to no surprise that James Camac of Balkana Kennels won most of the ribbons offered. He is Victoria’s top Silky breeder and his dogs were mostly champions with great lineage, well structured and most importantly great showmanship. That day the judging was held outdoors and the wind was howling. Most of the Silkies were a little bit startled at the conditions and a few even refused to walk around the ring but not the ones from Balkana. They pranced their way showing off their great coat and thus sealed their destiny to be the winners of the day. Congratulations James. As for the rest, all is not lost. In Malaysia, my partner and I always consider a show as a fun event for our dogs to participate and if they win, well that will be a huge bonus, but, if they do not, it was worth the experience. Why not continue your dogs’ training under extreme outdoor conditions. Try to simulate extreme weather like howling wind, chaotic atmosphere with lots of barking and other visual distractions such as having several big dogs around the area when you train. If your dog can maintain its focus on you thru these conditions, you are half way to become a winner.

I was a little bit disappointed that there was no interstate registration. I was looking forward to meet up with other breeders outside Victoria and their dogs, nevertheless, I caught up with others that I’ve met before. Pam who was showing Polly earlier now has another Silky, Quincy. Darling Polly who was just a tiny baby when I first met her now has a husband to boast. According to Pam, Quincy was first sold to another person but he did not bond so well with his 1st owner. Quincy came back to Victoria and Pam immediately took to him and now he is one of the top contenders in the ring. Good on you Quincy! Jim Bell was a gentleman grooming his dogs beside Pam. He introduced me to his two daughters, Rain and Misty and I was delighted because one of our champion back in Malaysia is also called Misty. There were a little bit of a resemblance between the two especially when it comes to their coloring. I asked Jim whether I could help him to brush his dogs as I suddenly felt a longing to run a brush through their long silky coat. Jim, being such a sport, got me a pin brush and from then on, I was in heaven. Rain has a slightly longer and thicker coat compared to Misty. Rain sat patiently for me to brush her but the minute I stopped, she shook her head thus ended up with a lion’s mane. Naughty, naughty! As for Misty, she must have been so tired, she was only interested in getting some sleep while I brushed her. Jim and I had a lot to talk about as we share the same passion. He told me about the other dogs he had prior to having Silkies. He had an OES that participated in agility but due to the amount of time he had to spend on grooming and looking after the dog, he settled on Silkies when it was time to get another. I was observing how Rain was so attached to Jim, she had to go up to him for a kiss every now and then for reassurance. That really touched my heart to see such a strong bond between man and his best friend.

Jim introduced me to Paul, owner of Delta & her son, Frankie. Frankie is the only male pup that has emerged in the show scene since the last year and a half. It proved that there was a shortage of male puppies with show quality and the very reason why I’m still without one till this day. Frankie the pup is a robust and masculine looking 10 months old pup with a lot of expectations heaped upon him. He’s very much sought after as well. Jim has expressed his intention to match make Frankie to one of his daughters and before long Frankie will be one happy male Silky with lots of girlfriends. I bid farewell to the Silky clan and made my way to the rest of the holding pens trying to get pictures of adorable dogs.

I got lucky with the Australian Shepherds as they posed for me endlessly even though they were so tired and longed to have a good sleep. Tango, Maverick and Brock were all good looking and for my last shot, Tango gave me a special pose, sitting on the side, looking adorable. Thank you so much Tango.

At the Belgian Shepherd’s holding area, I got reacquainted with Margaret and her dog Bruno, whom I met earlier during the Australian Day Dog Championship. Bruno has turned into a good looking dog with good structure that made him look regal in a way. With his coat well fluffed and brushed to shine, Bruno’s appearance really impressed me. Later in the ring, my expectation was confirmed when Bruno came second only to his father who was a master in the show ring. Good on you, Bruno!

I was lucky with other dogs as well. A Rottie looked into my camera with a solemn expression, a Border Collie looked at me quizzically, two Rough Collies gave me a great pose, Salukis sat regally while I photographed them, a couple of Foxhound sleepily lazed around without a care when my camera was shooting and others and two breeders actually allowed me to photographed them with their dogs in their laps. What a fantastic way to end my photography session at the dog pavilion.

Time really flies fast when one was having fun. Without realizing it was already 4pm, I made my way towards the Wonderful World of Pets Pavilion as I had intended to purchase a few Pedigree Show Bags. This was also where they have different breeds of cats on show but sadly they were in glass enclosures thus pretty difficult for me to take any photos due to the reflection of the flash. From there I made my way to the Showbag Hall to take a closer look at the range of goodies on offer. It was seriously a fun place to be as everything looked too good to be true. To everyone out there especially those in Melbourne, go to the Royal Melbourne Show and let yourself go. There are endless activities for you to do plus a lot of main attractions being performed on a daily basis. Treat your kids to a carnival as there are many rides for them to enjoy. Introduce them to the farm animals at the NAB Animal Nursery Discovery Farm and let yourselves be impressed by the fantastic trills performed by the horses, monster trucks and stunt bikes at the Coca-Cola Arena. Make your way to the Grand Pavilion for a great tasting trail that will definitely impress your taste palette. Do as I did, just let yourself go and enjoy the show.

To those who took the time to talk to me and answered my endless questions, thank you for your time. Wishing you all the best and till we meet again, take care & God bless.


Below are the photos of the participating dogs on that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them and feel free to drop any feedback or suggestions to

Love & kisses,



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