Canaan Dog...


The Canaan Dog is an ancient breed resembling the wild dog type which has survived in Israel through at least 4000 years of history. These pariah dogs which lived on the fringes of civilization and were frequently used by the Bedouin as flock and camp guardians. Canaan Dogs are reliable, capable workers. They are good at herding and tracking, and incredible trainable. Canaan Dogs are very independent minded, and excel at tasks which require them to solve problems on their own. They should be socialised with other household pets and children from an early age.

A brush once a week while in coat is all they need, and a bath when needed. They shed coat twice a year and it's a good idea to get a stripping comb and remove all the dead hair. Though the Canaan Dog sheds heavily with the seasons, it carries no doggie odor. Extra grooming may be required during the shedding seasons.

Canaan Dog

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