Dogathon 2007, Bukit Expo UPM Serdang...


It was that time of the year where the veterinary students of UPM (University Putra of Malaysia) organise a huge event known as Dogathon for the benefits of dog owners and their canine babies to participate in competitions as well as socializing among each other.

This year's slogan, "A Loyal Dog is A Royal Dog" brings about an understanding of how much our dogs tried their ultimate best to be our companion and best friend and therefore should be treated royally by their owners.

This is exceptionally true as our dog will grandly be by our side no matter how bad we look, lick our lips despite our bad breath, defend us with his life even at the expense of it's own and there are few who actually followed their owners to the grave due to being heartbroken over their loss. There are no words to describe their loyalty. Only a true dog lover will understand the bond that exist between man and beast.

Again, this year's event was sponsored by Pedigree who not only provided us with great goody bags upon submitting our names at the registration counter, they also had a station specially manned by professionals who could not only explain the benefits of their products, also created an opportunity for dog owners to purchase their products at a promotional rate. Also, as part of promoting the understanding of keeping a healthy dog as a whole, Dr. Susan had provided us at Petgroomers Pro with a booth to conduct basic grooming demonstrations to the expo visitors through out the day. This is the 2nd year where we had worked together with Pedigree to promote the "Ideal Healthy Dog" campaign where owners not only feed their dogs a complete diet of Pedigree products, they are also equiped with the knowledge on how to perform a basic grooming ritual in order to maintain a healthy coat as well as to establish a strong bond with their dogs through simple body massaging techniques. Thank you Pedigree for once again giving us the opportunity to share our grooming knowledge with other dog owners in a big scale.

Pedigree's Technical Service Manager, Dr. Susan was asked on many occasions on how she maintained her dog, Ebony's black shiny coat.

Although at an elderly age of 11years old, Ebony has a shiny midnight black coat and very beautiful to look at. No matter what's the secret, one of it must be because of the diet that she's on. Ebony is fed on Pedigree products ranging from the dry kibbles, canned as well as Cesar's range of indulgence wet food and the healthy tricks like DentaStixs.

Dr. Susan had recently adopted another dog, MuMu from the Independent Pet Rescuers and although still a little shy, MuMu had many admirers due to her beautiful markings and shiny coat. Here are a few photos of both Ebony and MuMu taken on that day.

Sweetie, a Siberian Husky was also a star on that day. Sweetie celebrated her 1st birthday and her mom and dad prepared a special birthday cake for her made of organic wholemeal flour & Nestum as base, low fat cream cheese for fillings and low fat cheddar cheese and fresh strawberries to decorate the cake.

Sweetie was so appreciative of the fuss made by her parents and she showed them her appreciation by eating up everything placed in her bowl. Sweetie was certainly treated ROYALLY by her parents and she certainly deserved it.

The same goes to the rest of the dogs who attended Sweetie's birthday party. Each and every one was so thankful that their Auntie Esther had actually prepared a lavish spread especially for them. The table was laden with bowls of homemade treats.

At one point I was so envious of the dogs because they got to choose between delicious birthday cake, meat patties, egg, chicken and chess balls, tuna veg as well as mini franks, where else we, the humans, only got to eat Domino Pizza. Unfair! Nevertheless, everyone had a great time because it is always a joy to get together once in a while to share stories about our dogs.

We would like to thank our grooming models on that day, Chico & Snow, two beautiful Siberian Huskies, Nikki, the Silky Terrier and last but not least, Meow Meow, a Shih Tzu mixed Pekingese, who braved the midday heat, standing patiently on the grooming table waiting for the demo session to be over. Thank you so much for your patience so that Auntie Ann could brush and in Meow Meow's case, included tying the topknot too! A beautiful Shih Tzu with perfect long coat must always look beautiful with a perfect top knot so that it could be admired and envied by others at all times!

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and till then, have a great time playing and loving your dogs.


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