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Hello Animal Lovers,

We are two great friends with deep love and affection for animals especially dogs. Mary is experienced in agility shows and Ann has more experience in breeding, training and conformation shows. Both of us are more than happy to share our affection with your dogs and we promise to treat them with lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Our method of training is basically via positive reinforcement. Dogs, like any other creatures, learn thru doing repetition of things that are rewarding to them. Using positive reinforcement, we train dogs by using treats, hugs and praises. Scolding a dog for misbehaving may lead them to think that they managed to get out attention, thus, we do not react to any undesirable actions as we want the dogs to think that these actions are of no value and best not to be repeated.

Basic Grooming

Basic Training

Pet Walking


1 Hour Onsite

Pet Photography

From $40.00 inclusive of brushing, bathing, drying, nail cutting, ear cleaning & paw trim.
(Rates depending on size, coat type and condition of coat)

Basic $200.00
Inclusive of sit, stand, down, stay and come.

Walking $20.00 / hour.

By hour $20.00

Feed, refresh water, clean sleeping area, play & pick up mail $40.00 – 1st visit.

Basic +  three 4R prints $70.00

Protein Treatment add $30.00
(Recommended for dogs with harsh coat)

Tricks $40.00 per trick

Walking + Massage $20.00 / hour
+ $20.00

Half day
(8am-noon) $60.00

Feed, refresh water, clean sleeping area, play & pick up mail $35.00 – subsequent visits.

Props + three 4R prints $100.00

Dematting from $60.00

Anti Fleas & Ticks Bath from $50.00

Show $350.00

Agility $350.00

Walking + Brushing $20.00 / hour + $15.00

Full day
(8am – 6pm)

Feed, refresh water, clean sleeping area, play & pick up mail $45.00 – weekend & public holiday visits.

Album and photo book add $50.00

Canvas print from $100.00 (300x400mm)

Our dog services are highly interactive as we strive to provide the best to our ability when they are under our care. At Pet Groomers Pro, we provide free introductory visit at no obligation.

To book our free introductory visit, call Ann at 0433662705, or Mary at 0425758024.

We also provide other services like catering for pet parties, pet taxi, food delivery and will consider other request as well as looking after other type of pets at a reasonable rate. For more information on our past experiences, basic grooming, making treats for your dogs or just want to upload your dogs’ photos for others to see, contact us at

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Yours sincerely,
Ann & Mary



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