Exercise And Your Dog...


If you're wondering how to lose those few extra kilos, grab your dog and a leash and get walking. Physical exercise is vital to the health and wellbeing of you and your dog.

Exercising together not only develops the bond you have with your pet but also stimulates your mental health, concentration, circulation and prevents you and your dog from getting bored and overweight.

Owning a dog is a great exercise motivator — straining at their leash, whining and barking are all ways to let you know when walk-time is approaching!

Proper lead etiquette is important, as you don't want to be that person being dragged along by an over-excited dog while passersby snigger and laugh at your expense.

Ideally you should train your dog to walk beside you without straining on the lead by using verbal praise and treats for good behaviour. This ensures your walk will be comfortable and safe ... and less embarrassing too!

Commands like "heel" and "here" or "come" should be taught to ensure your dog obeys in situations where you are approaching a busy road or walking near a mother with a pram.

Aim to power walk or even attempt a slow jog so your dog can easily trot beside you and burn all that energy they've been suppressing while lying in the backyard all day. Power walking will also give you a great cardiovascular workout and is good for weight loss.

Walking your dog for 30-60 minutes every day also ensures your dog gets out of the house and is less likely to develop annoying, continuous barking or other boredom-killing habits like digging. Certain breeds like cattle or sheep dogs require a full hour's walk.

Regular walks also provide your dog with variety and a chance to socialise with people and other dogs. Make sure you vary your walks by going to different parks or dog exercise areas, or spoil your pet by taking him or her to a beach with a designated dog area.

Make sure you also take note of the golden rule of dog walking and take a plastic bag to dispose of any "accidents".

by Lucy Hine - Article Taken From NineMsn.com.au


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