Fleas And Your Pet...


Fleas are a common parasite which most pet owners are no doubt very familiar with.

The flea may seem like just a small nuisance, but it is responsible for a lot of skin disorders on dogs and cats. Flea bites make your pet uncomfortable and extremely itchy!

Because of their minuscule size, fleas often remain undetected by owners — or the owner simply doesn't want to accept the fact that their dog or cat has fleas.

Fleas are a "temporary obligate parasite", which means they spend most of their time in the environment away from the host, usually in your pet's bedding, only jumping on the host for a feed of blood. Your flea problem may be worse than you think, as fleas found on your pet may only be a small percentage of the total population in your house.

Female fleas can lay up to 20 eggs each day, usually in your pet's bedding. These can fall off or find their way around your home or garden.

Hatching of the mature flea from the cocoon formed by the larvae is triggered by any vibrations you or your pet make as you move around the house. Fleas have legs that enable them to jump great distances and they jump when a shadow falls on them, as it suggests an animal is nearby, or when they feel warmth or sense an odour.

Dogs and cats can develop a severe allergy to flea bites and often hurt themselves in an attempt to relieve themselves from the itching. If your pet is constantly scratching and biting itself, visit your local pet store for a soothing cream and flea treatment or take the animal to your veterinarian for a proper flea treatment.

Your pet will be reinfested unless your home is also treated. Flea rinses, powders or sprays are effective ways to destroy fleas on your pet, while flea collars and systemic insecticidal products can be used to prevent further infestation of the surroundings.

Tablets are also available which quickly kill fleas feeding on your pet; then there are products like Frontline, a liquid squeezed onto your pet's coat.

Make sure you read all labels and take care while using flea control products on young puppies and kittens.

by Lucy Hine - Article Taken From NineMsn.com.au


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