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The Fox Terrier is a member of the terrier group, originating from Great Britain. They were originally used for locating the position of foxes in their tunnels, killing vermin and hunting rabbits. In general the Fox Terrier is a friendly, devoted and affectionate dog with lots of personality. Fox Terriers get on well with children and do make ideal family pets. The Fox Terrier has a tendency to pick fights with other dogs (even large ones) and are not generally trustworthy with other pets.

Grooming for the Fox Terrier, should start very early in life.  It's very important that the owner keep the puppy mat free, by combing and brushing all the time. Fox Terriers come in two different coat types, i.e. smooth-coated and wire-coated.

The Wire shed little to no hair and are good for allergy sufferers. There are three ways to groom a wire (or broken) haired Fox Terrier. You must either clip, hand-strip, or do a combination of the two. The terrier has two types of hair in their coat, the soft dense insultating undercoat, and the harsh protective outer coat. This dog should be groomed using a firm bristle brush, and stripping is usually required several times a year. Baths should be given only when needed.

The Smooth Coated Fox Terrier is an average shedder with a smooth, short coat. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a low maintenance dog, which is perfect for those that have little time to dedicate to grooming. An occasional brushing of his coat will help to keep it looking sleek and in good condition. Grooming is fairly easy and should be done with a firm bristle brush. Baths can be given when needed.

Fox Terrier

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