The Furry Friends Farm...

The Furry Friends Farm

Shoba Mano with Ms Phoebe Cates, Ann with Joy the Dr Dog program Mascot and Paul, the person running Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia together with Sabrina.


When I was participating in the Living With Ika, Serena C and Pietro competition, I had the chance to meet remarkable individuals who are actively supporting an animal shelter, The Furry Farm Friends and even introduced me to it's founder. These remarkable individuals are Shoba Mano & her husband, Joshua and the founder of the animal shelter is none other than Sabrina Yeap.

The Furry Friends Farm is situated in Kundang and they are the introducer of Doctor Dog Program in Malaysia with the co-operation of it's original founder, Jill Robinson. Doctor Dog Program was designed for people like us to have our dogs evaluated for their temperament and those who passed are invited to bring their dogs to outings at orphanages as well as old folk's homes. These dogs then act their part as healers to bring out some cheer and happiness in the people that they attended to. It's surprising that most of the times, these dogs are able to reach out to these people where we humans had failed.

Drunasty has signed up Suki, Hemmy and Magic to undergo the exam at the end of this month. We are very sure that our dogs will be very valuable to this program as they have been doing their part as healers under visits organised by an online web community called LovDog.

On the day of the visit, around 15 animal lover volunteers gathered at the Mc Donalds outlet at The Curve on Sunday at 8.30am. We were later met by Sabrina, the founder herself who lead the way in her car.

After about an hour travelling, we reached the farm which is a piece of land that has been leased to Sabrina at an affordable monthly fee of RM 300.00 Even though the grass was slightly over grown, we could hear dogs barking happily behind the fences.

Sabrina welcomed us to her "canine heaven" created mainly to shelter unwanted dogs. Where others have merely talked on how good they are at helping out or giving a hand to unwanted animals, Sabrina is one who has acted on her dreams of helping them out by putting together her resources with the help of friends to come up with The Furry Friends Farm. Sabrina and her friends contributed both cash and time to run the place and sometimes receives charitable contributions from corporate entities as well as kind hearted individuals. Sabrina's hard work was further recognised when Jill Robinson, the founder of Doctor Dog Program in Hong Kong, appointed her as their ambassador in Malaysia to run the program in the country. Now all owners who wish to enroll their dogs to the program will be carefully selected via an exam run by Paul and Sabrina.

The 15 of us were briefed by Sabrina on the farm's mission and goal towards creating a better life for the strays. The farm practices a "No Killing" policy where unwanted strays will be retired to a home rather than be euthanized. Sabrina and the rest of the farm supporters believe that all animals deserve to have a full life as long they are not suffering from any incurable illnesses. This particular motto of the farm was the one that caught out attention to be a part of them.

Sabrina told us that she has found many dogs abandoned by other animal shelters as well as irresponsible owners tied to the farm gates when she arrived in the morning. She accepted every dog that comes her way with open arms no matter how bad their condition may be. Those in need of a medical care will be brought to a vet friend who charges her the very minimum fee for any treatment rendered.

Together with Shoba Mano, Sabrina and the Furry Friends Farm has successully put up a resource centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where kids and adults alike can read books as well as watch movies with animal themes in them. The aim is to introduce as well as educate the public from a young age on having compassion towards animals. The Furry Friends Farm had a screening of the movie "Eight Below" with a group of kids and had a Q&A session with them at the end of the movie. All the kids were interested to understand more about the bond that existed between the dogs and their owners and after explainations and examples were explicitly explained, they went home much happier and promised to share their experiences with their friends at school.

Also thanks to Mrs Kam Sun-Yoke and the Operafest Children Choir, The Furry Friends Farm was their sole beneficiery from the tickets proceeds to further improve the facilities of the farm. The choir that took place on September 29th on Lake Club, was a huge success. It was a great event to coincide with Animal World Day celebration and The Furry Friends Farm was thankful to have a venue to share it's mission with all who attended that night.

It is a great feeling to be a part of this ever growing group of animal lovers. The Furry Friends Farm will be a local animal shelter that both Drunasty Kennel and I will support wholeheartedly through out our lives.



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