Giant Schnauzer...


The breed originated in the mid to late 19th century in the Bavarian and Württemberg regions of Germany. Cattlemen wanted a larger version of the Standard Schnauzer for herding and driving, creating it by selectively breeding the Standard Schnauzer with the Great Dane, the Bouvier des Flandres, and rough haired sheepdogs. The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, compact breed of dog. It is one of the three Schnauzer breeds. Like most large breeds, the Giant Schnauzer needs a fair amount of exercise. The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, dominant dog which needs a firm, consistent but friendly handler. Unnecessary harshness will only do harm.

When hand-stripped, the Giant Schnauzer has a harsh, wiry outer coat and dense, soft undercoat. The coat should be stripped twice a year or clipped 4 times a year to keep it neat and tidy. A short wire brush should be used on a weekly basis, and the whiskers cleaned after meals. Hair around the eyes and ears should be kept trimmed. Clipping is usually required in the spring and fall

Giant Schnauzer

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