The Greyhound originated from Egypt, and his ancestry dates back to the days of Ancient Egypt. The Greyhound is an agile, graceful, and determined dog, and this breed is best known for its racing abilities and is a racetrack dog. Friendly and gentle yet lively and fun, the Greyhound is a sweet and sensitive creature, and enjoys the peaceful life but also enjoys the companionship of his loved ones. They seldom present difficulties with other dogs and are normally good with children.

One of the nicest features of the Greyhound is that it is virtually "Permanent Pressed" and a wash and wear type of dog. Grooming needs are minimal and take just a few minutes a day. Daily grooming with a hand glove or firm bristle brush is recommended to keep the coat clean and shiny. Baths or dry shampoos should be given only when needed. Ears should be checked by your Vet regularly for mites or infection.


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