How much does it cost to groom my pet?
Grooming and haircutting rates vary depending on the breed of your pet and services of your choice. Contacting us directly for a discussion is the best way to get a quotation.

What kind of animals do you groom?
Pet Groomers Pro grooms all breeds of dogs and cats. We are qualified groomers who specialize in a particular breed grooming. Contact us directly for the rates and terms of appointment.

Do you tranquilize the animals before you bathe or groom them?
We DO NOT tranquilize the animals for the purpose of grooming. We are well trained to handle the nervous animals, and treat all animals with tender loving care. If an animal is too agitated to be calmly bathed or groomed, we will not attempt to groom or handle the animals.

Do you utilise heated drying cells in hairdressing services?
No. In fact, we have a policy on the use of these devices in our salons.

We hand-dry the animals after they are bathed. The process entails the cleansing and removal of shedding hair coat, and blow drying the animal. When animal ¹ coat with almost completely dry, it is left in a room for resting. We NEVER add heat to the air circulation.

Health, safety and comfort of pets is our objective whenever we provide grooming services.


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