Irish Setter...


The Irish Setter is a member of the AKC Sporting Dog Group. The breed standard describes the Irish Setter as "an active, aristocratic bird dog, rich red in color, substantial yet elegant in build. The Irish Setter is a swift-moving hunter; at home, a sweet natured, trainable companion." Irish Setters are happy, friendly, intelligent, people loving dogs who love being part of the family. They're even-tempered, affectionate, and loyal. The Irish Setter plays enthusiastically but gently with children and is extraordinarily sweet and affectionate as a pet. They get on well with other dogs but do need early exposure to other pets in order to live in peace with them.

The Irish Setter has a beautiful soft, flat coat of medium length that requires daily brushing to keep its feathers free of mats and tangles. Occasionally, the owner will need to trim between the pads and behind the ears to prevent mats. Though this dog is an average shedder, extra attention is required during the shedding seasons. Bathing can be done as needed. A professional groomer may be needed for extensive trimming once in a while.

Irish Setter

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