Irish Terrier...


The breed's origin is not known. It is believed to have descended from the black and tan terrier-type dogs of the British Isles, just like the Kerry Blue and Irish Soft-haired Wheaten Terriers in Ireland or the Welsh, Lakeland and Scottish Terriers in Great Britain. The Irish Terrier is full of life, but not hyperactive. It should be able to relax inside the house and be roused to full activity level quickly. Most Irish Terriers love children and tolerate rough-housing to a certain extent.

The Irish Terrier's grooming depends upon the condition of its coat and whether you wish to show the dog, but in any event requires hand-plucking the hairs at least twice a year. The Irish Terrier has a double coat that rarely sheds. The topcoat is coarse, hard and wiry, while the undercoat is soft and fine. The dead hairs need to be removed from the coat, so a daily brushing with a stiff bristle brush is recommended. Baths should be given only when needed.

Irish Terrier

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