Japanese Chin...


As the name indicates, the Japanese Chin originates from Japan, and was once the companion dog of royalty and aristocracy in its native country. The Japanese chin uses his paws to wash his face very much like a cat, hence the name chin meaning cat-like. The Japanese chin is a sensitive, intelligent dog who lives only to please his master. The breed is affectionate and responsive with those they know and love, but are reserved with strangers and new situations. These dogs can make ideal companions, and enjoy receiving and giving attention. The Japanese Chin loves to be cuddled and enjoys his creature comforts.

The Japanese Chin is an average shedder with a coat of soft, silky straight hair. The breed's coat is so full around the neck it has a mane-like appearance. When it comes to grooming, this is a high maintenance breed. To keep the coat clean and free of tangles, brush three to four times a week. The eyes should be cleaned daily and the ears checked regularly for signs of infection. Some pet owners not concerned about maintaining a show quality coat and appearance will have the hair coat clipped shorter for easier maintenance.

Japanese Chin

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