Melbourne Dog Championship Show 2007 (B)...

Melbourne Dog Championship Show 2007

When my friends asked me what did Nic got me for my 35th birthday, I told them it was something that was very precious - TIME. Nic is someone who is very efficient with his time, yes, time management at it's best. He wakes up at 5am every morning so that he could do some updates on the two websites, bathe, goes to work, comes back around 6.30pm, eat his dinner and continue with more updates on the sites. His weekends are very precious. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days where he could work on the sites full time. So for him to take me to the showgrounds on my birthday, was really a great sacrifice on his part that meant so much to me. By now you would have realise that I'm dog crazed. I love being around them and I get very emotional when I see them perform at their best at dog shows etc. So when Nic woke me up and wished me Happy Birthday, he told me to get ready by wearing something thick as we are heading to the showgrounds.

We reached there in record time so that I could see more entries parading in the show ring. During my last visit to the show ring, I met Mr James of Balkana Kennels and his champion, Tommy. This time around, I met Mel, a lady who is showing a Silky purchased from James. Polly is her name and she is adorable. She has the same signature features as Tommy since her sire is Tommy's brother.

Mel was the only one showing a Silky this time around and I had a great time talking to her about raising Silkies. Mel even took the time to groom Polly so that I could shoot a few pics of them at the grooming table. I can see that Mel truly adores Polly and the feeling was mutual. Polly responded well to Mel's instruction and was willing to perform at the slightest encouragement. What a treat it was for me to see them together.

Mel told me that she takes Polly to Ballarat every few weeks so that James can do a full grooming on her. Lucky Polly. You can really see Polly's potential to grow into a beautiful Silky. She has the ear set that I like, very erect and just above the eye sockets, her coat is lush and very straight and her eyes melt my heart. She reminded me of my gals back home and for a moment I nearly cried out of missing them so much. Polly was waiting to compete for BOB to be held later in the day so I bid them farewell to check out the rest of the dogs there.

I came upon a few Standard Poodles and they were magnificent. A black beauty caught my eye as it has that commanding presence about him. It was great to see him in the ring and I was right. My choice was the best and the rest did not have a chance against him.

As promised to Yin, I made my way to look for Papillions and when I found them, their owner was no where to be seen. I was told that they have gone out for lunch and will be back later. Unfortunately I could not wait as I have to be at Wantirna later that day.

The CKCS were treated like kings and queens by their owner. Their soft expressions were enchanting and I had to tear myself away from watching them in order to check out the other dogs on show.

Here are the rest of the pictures taken that day at the showgrounds and at Renee's place in Wantirna. Did I mention that my nephew Joshua shared the same birthdate with me? Well, we both had a grand party and had so much fun. After the cake cutting ceremony, my husband told everyone that he'll be taking me for a short holiday to Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine and Echuca as my birthday present. Now at that point of time, I truly felt so lucky to have a husband who is not only understanding of my passion towards animals, he also appreciates me and treats me like a princess everytime I'm in Melb. I am a very lucky person indeed.


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