Melbourne Pet Expo 2008...

Melbourne Pet Expo 2008

Best Exhibit In Show - Hungarian Puli & Reserve Best - Airedale Terrier

Annual Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo
Caufield Racecourse, Station Street Caufield.
February 1st -3rd, 2008 (10am – 5pm daily)

This is our 1st time attending a pet expo of such magnitude. We went on the last day of the expo, reaching the race course at 10 am sharp and were there until 3.30pm. It seems that most Melbournians had decided to have an early start on Sunday as the racecourse was already packed with visitors just moments after the gates were opened.

The expo mainly features activities held in conjunction with Dogs Victoria which was responsible to stage one of the largest Dog Breed Showcase where most of the registered dog breed associations set up a booth to introduce and educate visitors on their respective breeds. All booths were fully manned by friendly breeder members answering endless questions while giving out informative leaflets to interested visitors. I was at the Australian Shepherd’s booth the longest as the dogs there were the friendliest and shamelessly begged for my attention. The Shetland Shepherd Puppies were the cutest, I made friends with Lucas and Ella, two Newfoundlanders that slobbered me with their endless licks, met my 1st Puli in person, talked to Jen Weymouth about the techniques of grooming a Dandie Dinmont Terrier and got to know that the heaviest Mastiff there that day was a 115kgs dog.

On top of that, Dogs Victoria also held a Championship Dog Show and Judging Competition and since we were there on Sunday, we managed to witness the final rounds of the competition. Best Exhibit in Show this year was awarded to a Hungarian Puli and the runner up an Airedale Terrier.

There was a “Bird Breed Showcase” for all bird lovers, an enormous “Family Farmyard Animal Nursery” for kids to play with, a big dog demonstration arena where demonstration on retrieving, herding, agility, flyball, obedience and basic training took place and last but not least, The New Breeds Cat Club of Victoria also took the opportunity to conduct their Championship Cat & Kitten Show and a special ½ hr Cat Breed Talks Show daily.

At the Main Stage area, visitors can have a chance to catch the “Train Your Pet To Be A Star” show conducted by famous animal trainer, Steve Austin. Dr Joanne Righetti, on behalf of “Boredom Busters”, talked to the visitors on the topic of “Pet Behavior Problems and How It Can Be Solved”. Visitors also had a chance to meet the Inspectors from Channel 7 RSPCA Animal Rescue Television Show, participate in “Puppy Phat Canine Fashion Parade”, browse through more than 200 exhibition booths showcasing animal products ranging from pet food & treats, mobile dog wash, pet toys, supplements, enclosures, consultancy services from pet insurance, personalized cremation services, services & products relating to pet loss, pet lifestyle products including clothing of all seasons, carriers and prams, professional pet photography & paintings, natural therapies, products, foods and snacks and last but not least animal welfare foundations like RSPCA and humane charities.

We met a very friendly lady by the name of Diane, the owner of Doggymates website that specializes in an online friendship service where dogs and owners alike can meet new friends within their vicinity. Doggy Mates is dedicated to bringing together dog lovers who live near each other and are prepared to help each other out by looking after one another’s dog e.g. doggy day care, dog walking, dog sitting etc.

Show bags filled with goodies were distributed by Pet Stock Animal Supplies, one of the biggest pet store in Australia. They are highly recommended by many pet lovers as they provide a “one stop shop” to their customers with services ranging from sales of pet supplies, veterinary services, grooming, puppy training and DIY dog wash.

Pet owners nowadays can rest assured that they will not be burden by expensive vet charges if they were to take up pet insurances offered by reputable insurers from Manchester Unity or Pet Plan. Premium starts as low as AUD3 per week.

The Melbourne Pet Expo has certainly opened our eyes to more things and introduced us to many dog lovers around town. It was a day filled with fun, wet licks and hilarious laughter, one that will be our topic of conversation for a long time to come.

Below are the photos of the participating dogs on that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them and feel free to drop any feedback or suggestions to

Love & kisses,

NR of Pet Groomers Pro


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