MKA Ipoh Dog Show...

MKA Ipoh Dog Show

The last show held in Ipoh was really enjoyable. We pushed off from KL around 5am and took a slow drive towards Ipoh. We reached Ipoh around 8am but took a further 30 minutes to locate the correct venue. Once there, we immediately set up our table and started brushing the dogs. Both females were 3 weeks pregnant at that time and was a little bit tempramental. Mr. Wong came over for a while and suggested that we cut short the coat on the muzzle. So without much hesitation, we gave it a try and both Suki and Misty came out looking much prettier once done. Thank you God!

Both the ladies did us proud that day. Suki won Reserve Best of Breed in one ring and Misty went on to win the Reserve Best of Group in the other. Both judges from Australia, Mr. Theo Horchner (Victoria) and Mrs Mavis Crochrane (W.A) are both very impressed with Misty's coloring and body structure. Here are some photos taken on that day and the days after that. Yes, this time around, we not only stayed the night in Ipoh as we had wanted to drive up to Taiping to visit the zoo, we even spent 2 nights in Setiawan to enjoy the seafood and even had a trip to Pangkor Island to enjoy the scenery.

We would like to thank a few people who made our trip a most enjoyable one. They are Adrian Tey who gave us directions to the right location which was opposite the Ipoh YMCA. We also would like to thank Mr. Elwin Khor for introducing us to Mr. Lee Seng Chan who helped us to babysit the 3 Silkies when we went to Taiping Zoo. Next on our list are Mr. Siow Yong Chai and family, Mr. C.K. Goh and family and Mr. Lim Ai Jong for their hospitality when we were in Setiawan. The seafood meals that they brought us to was delicious and they even took time off from work to show us the area. Thank you thank you thank you. We truly enjoyed ourselves and the memories will stay with us a lifetime.


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