The Newfoundland is a large, usually black, breed of dog originally used as a working dog in Newfoundland. The breed originated in Newfoundland from a breed indigenous to the island, that later became known as the St. John's Dog. They are known for their sweet dispositions, loyalty, and natural water rescue tendencies. The Newfoundland dog excels at water rescue, due partly to their webbed feet and amazing swimming abilities. International Kennel clubs generally describe the breed as having a sweet temperament. They are often referred to as the "gentle giant." They have deep barks, are easy to train and are known as guardians, watchdogs and good with children.

Newfoundland dogs require grooming at least once every two weeks. The Newfoundland has a moderately long, water-resistant double coat. To keep the coat free of mats, daily brushing is required. These dogs are moderate shedders, though they do tend to shed more heavily with the seasons and can require extra grooming at those times. Baths should rarely be given.


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