The Otterhound has been known in Britain since the 13th century where he was used to work in packs to hunt river otter that robbed the streams of fish. With his webbed feet and swimming endurance, the Otterhound is definitely a water dog. The Otter Hound belongs to the collection of dogs referred to as Scent Hounds. Otterhounds are independent, inquisitive, bold, exuberant dog, friendly, cheerful, loving and intelligent. This dog makes a good house pet provided it is given lots of exercise and attention.

Though some Otterhounds do have a fair amount of coat, most do not shed a great deal. With an "average" Otterhound, expect to brush the coat on a weekly basis to keep the coat from matting, particularly on the head, legs and underside. Otterhounds are not heavy shedders and brushing on a weekly basis should suffice in order to maintain the coat and keep it from matting. The Otterhound does have hairy feet which should be kept trimmed, especially between the pads. In addition, nails require trimming at least on a monthly basis and regular cleaning of the ears is an absolute must in order to keep them clean and free of problems.


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