The Papillon, meaning "butterfly" in French, was previously known as the "Dwarf Spaniel", is believed to have originated in France but became very popular in both Italy and Spain. The breed is one of the oldest of the toy breeds. He is a small, elegant, happy, alert and friendly Toy dog. A wonderful family companion, neither shy nor aggressive, but very protective of his family and home. Despite his elegant and dainty appearance, he is a good watchdog who will always alert to strangers. He likes to play with toys inside and is a hardy outdoor sport--perfect for city and country dwellers alike. The Papillon is highly trainable.

Papillons may have a long coat but grooming them is simple. The coat of the Papillon should be brushed using a pin brush. A slicker brush can cause split hairs. The Papillon is an average shedder with a long, silky coat. Though they do not have an undercoat, they should be brushed several times a week, with particular attention paid to the hair behind the ears and on the belly to keep mats from forming. Generally, regular brushing and the occasional bath are all the grooming required.


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