Best & Worst Dogs For People With Allergies....


So you have just got a new puppy and everything is fine for a few months and your thinking that nobody in the house is allergic to dogs. Than one day you wake up your eyes itchy, and a runny nose but surely it is not caused by your puppy as you have had him for months with no allergy symptoms.

The problem is that pet allergies are caused by pet dander. Dander is basically old skin and puppies do not have a lot of old skin. It generally takes months for a puppy to develop dander. During this time you may have been tricked into thinking everything was alright.

Its estimated roughly 30% of Americans may suffer from pet allergies. With so many having problems it might be wise to play it safe and figure out which are the best dogs for people with allergies. It can be very hard to remove a puppy from the home if you find out later your children can’t cope with their pet allergies symptoms.

All dogs produce dander and there is no dog that is truly 100% allergy free but there are many that produce far less dander, these dogs are known as hypoallergenic dogs. There are many to chose from both standard and miniature sizes.


Best Dogs For People With Allergies

American Hairless Terrier

Airedale Terrier


Bedlington Terrier

Bichon Frise

Border Terrier

Cairn Terrier



Portuguese Water Dog


Spanish Water Dog

Standard Schnauzer

Tibetan Terrier


Italian Greyhound

Yorkshire Terrier

Worst Dogs For People With Allergies

These dogs are among those that have the most dander as they renew their skin more than other breeds:-

Cocker Spaniels


German Shepherds

Irish setters


Even if you select a hypoallergenic dog you should still use a air purifier and vacuum with a HEPA filter to eliminate as much dander as possible from your home. Be very careful not to over bath hypoallergenic dogs as their skin can become extremely dry and this could lead to a dander problem.

Take your time when selecting a new dog or puppy the worst thing to do is buy on impulse even though it can be hard to resit walking by the the pet store and that puppy looking back at you.

When picking out your new member of the family don’t forget the most important thing, look for the right breed that fits your family. Do your research!


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