How To Care For Your Pet?


Q1. How Often Should I Shampoo My Dog?

It is recommended that you wash your pet a maximum of once a fortnight unless your dog becomes itchy or dirty. Washing your pet too often can wash away the coat's natural oils and potentially cause dryness of the skin and irritation.

Q2. What Should I Do To Keep My Home Free From Fleas?

You need to treat your pet and their environment, particularly their bedding, all year round. Flea sprays and powders are great for treating the environment while regular use of flea shampoos, collars and spot-ons keep your pet flea free. Usually a combination of a few treatments work best. Remember, preventing the onset of fleas is much easier to manage than trying to eliminate fleas once they have set in.

Q3. There Are So Many Treatments Out There, Which One Should I Use?

Generally, you need to treat your pet for two main types of worms, heartworm and intestinal worms. Heartworm can be treated by a yearly injection from your vet or heartworm tablets or liquids which you can purchase over the counter. There are many types of intestinal worms, all of which can be treated by a simple Allwormer treatment. These are available in tablets, pastes and syrups. You can also buy combined Heartwormer and Allwormer tablets or liquids to treat both at the same time.

Q4. Do I Need To Brush My Pet Every Day?

It is recommended that you groom your pet at least once a week, everyday would be ideal. Grooming will eliminate loose hairs in the coat and untangle uncomfortable knots. Brushing your pet also stimulates the production of natural oils which help protect and nourish the coat. Best of all, it gives your pet a relaxing massage and great bonding time with you.

Q5. What Types Of Toys Should I Be Buying My Pet?

Firstly, you should choose the right sized toy for the size of your pet. Small, medium and large dogs have different jaws and so have different needs. Some toys are best for improving your pet's fitness such as throw and chase toys. Other toys help improve your pet's mental alertness while keeping them occupied such as treat balls, and some toys assist in maintaining your pet's dental health. Having a variety of toys will help keep your pet in top physical and mental form.


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