Driving Tips For Animal Safety....


Use these great tips when driving in order to reduce the roadkills of wildlife animals:-

1. Drive Defensively;

2. Do not suddenly brake or swerve;

3. Reduce your speed, especially between dusk and dawn;

4. Try not to travel at night in rural or wilderness areas;

5. Be careful when there has been a prolonged dry - wildlife seek out greenery in roadside ditches;

6. Be careful where vegetation is right up to the roadside;

7. If wildlife is seen near the road, slow down;

8. If you see fresh kills, slow down;

9. Do not throw food scraps from the car - it will attract wildlife;

10. Many animals may see but not hear you, so toot your horn;

11. Use good headlights;

12. If it is safe to do so, throw roadkills off the road;

13. Be aware not all species have the same excape mechanisms - wallabies may bolt suddenly, wombats and cats tend to go straight ahead, possums often freeze, bandicoots hop at random.


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