Choose Your Pet's Friends...

With Facebook quickly becoming the social meeting place for humans worldwide, it makes sense that our four legged friends would follow.

So, believe it or not, there is now Dogbook and Catbook. And with more than 600,000 (and ever growing!) members to choose from worldwide, you can be sure your little mate is mixing with the right company from the safety of your own backyard!

Dogbook and Catbook were developed by Poolhouse. It allows you to create a Facebook Profile for your dog and cat. When you enter the application, you are taken to a window that looks just like Facebook profile entry window. You enter in your dog’s or cat's name, its breed and type, its favorite actitivites, ect. Basically, it easily lets people know about your dog and cat and you can see which of your friends have created a profile for their dog and cat!

Article taken from Woman's Day, October 2007 issue


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