Portuguese Water Dog...


Some belief exists that the breed traces as far back as 700 B.C. to the wild Central-Asian steppes, near the Chinese-Russian border, terrains and waters guaranteed to nourish ruggedness. Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD) once existed all along Portugal's coast. Portuguese Water Dogs have a multi-octave voice. Some of them are said to "yodel" when excited, especially when greeting a returning master. Portuguese Water dogs make excellent companions. They are loving, independent, and intelligent and are easily trained in obedience and agility skills. They are generally friendly to stangers, once introduced, and actively enjoy being petted, which, due to their soft, fluffy coats, is a favour that human beings willingly grant them.

This breed does not shed its fur. The hair is either wavy or curly in texture. Many dogs have mixed pattern hair; curly all over the body but wavy on the tail and ears. The hair must be trimmed about every two months and, although it is possible to groom at home, it is usually easier to pay a professional groomer. The hair of Portuguese Water Dogs grows continually and requires regular brushing and cutting or clipping, The coat is usually worn in a "retriever cut" or a "lion cut". The longhaired dog needs to be groomed frequently to keep mats and tangles from forming. This breed is often a good choice for people prone to allergies as they shed little to no hair.

Portuguese Water Dog

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