Spinone Italiano...


Also known as the Italian Pointer or Italian Griffon, the Spinone Italiano is an all-purpose hunting dog developed in the Piedmonte district of Northwest Italy. Spinone Italiano are gundogs with a thick and muscular profile. Spinone Italianos are especially talented at hunting, pointing and retrieving. It is social, patient, playful, friendly and docile. They are hardworking and courageous, but not especially aggressive. Spinone Italiano are considered to be very practical dogs that learn fast, although they have a slow and steady style and can be stubborn. They are gentle and good with other animals and children.

The Spinone Italiano requires weekly care and grooming. Its harsh, wiry, and close-lying coat should be brushed weekly. The fur is longer on the muzzle, eyebrows, body and legs. Any dead or loose hairs can be removed by hand plucking. The excess hair between the pads of the feet needs to be trimmed. The eyes and beard should be wiped daily, and the ears cleaned weekly. Baths can be given when needed.

Spinone Italiano

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