Puppy Love...

Love Is In The Air

Just as it is with us, the onset of spring make our pets feel more lively. But it also does something very special to their brains. It triggers a decrease in the level of melatonin, sneding the level of other hormones, oestrogen, sky-high. So, even if your pet is de-sexed, it's likely you'll notice a change in its personality at this time of year.

Things Our Pets Do In Spring

- Look to breed
- Wander off
- Bark or meow at night
- Get into fights
- Mark their territory

Turn Off The Heat

Thousands of unplanned and unwanted puppies and kittens are born every year as a result of this sudden feeling of friskiness. So, how do you stop your dog, cat, rabbit or rodent from becoming your community's roving Romeo?

The best solution by far is de-sexing. It's permanent, safe and will switch your pet's priorities from being the neighbourhood catch to being your family's perfect match. It'll also be cheaper in the long run than paying vet bills for injuries earned in late-night lingering.

The newest option is the "puppy pill". Yes, contraception for male dogs! A once-a-year injection called "Supreloin 12" can be given at the time they have their annual vaccination, and works by temporarily stopping the production of testosterone.

So, you get a calmer companion, and stave off the possibility of unwanted puppies appearing on your doorstep. At the very least, try to keep your pets in at night, as most of their overactivity occurs after dark.

So, if you don't want your pet to add to the chorus of love calls at this time of the year, keep them contained. It's safer for them not to roam and you will both get a good night's sleep!

Sad Facts

In 2006 , the RSPCA took in 132,000 surrendered or abandoned animals, with the biggest influx after the spring season. One-third of dogs and almost two-thirds of cats received are euthanised! Pets that aren't de-sexed are 1.6 times more likely to roam and become strays than those that are.

Article taken from Woman's Day, October 2007 issue


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