Sussex Spaniel...


The Sussex Spaniel is a breed of dog developed in England. It played a part in the foundations of the Field Spaniel and is very similar in appearance to the Clumber Spaniel. It is used as a Gundog, and in Dog Shows. The Sussex Spaniel is steady and calm around the house. They are not very outgoing or demonstrative compared to other spaniels. This breed can live outdoors in temperate climates as long as it has warm shelter, but it generally does better as a house dog that also has access to a yard.

The Sussex Spaniel is an average shedder with an abundant and flat, soft coat of medium length. This breed should be groomed regularly with a brush or comb. The hair between the pads of the feet and beneath the ears should be regularly trimmed. The ears also need attention and should be kept clean. If necessary, have the older and lighter hair removed by plucking. Too much hair beneath the ears should be trimmed at regular intervals.

Sussex Spaniel

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