The Hungarian Vizsla, pronounced Vizh-la (zh as in vision), is a dog breed originating in Hungary. His name literally translates to 'alert and responsive' in Hungarian. Vizslas are often mistaken for ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and physically likened to Weimaraners, their German cousins. Alert, responsive, and gentle, the Vizsla is a dog with great stamina, plenty of energy, and a friendly attitude. Vizslas are known as excellent game bird hunting dogs, and also have a level personality making them suited for families.

For those with little time to dedicate to grooming, the Vizsla is the ideal choice, as he is a low maintenance dog. The Vizsla is an average shedder with a smooth, short coat. Grooming should include a brushing with a firm bristle brush and the nails should be kept trimmed. Dry shampoos can be given occasionally, but baths should be given only when needed and only mild soaps should be used. He is a medium shedder, and therefore may not prove ideal for those with allergies.


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