Welsh Springer Spaniel...


The Welsh Springer Spaniel was originally called the Welsh Spaniel, but was also known as the Welsh Cocker. It was recognised by The Kennel Club, after the breed had gained popularity, in 1902 under the name Welsh Springer Spaniel. Until then it was shown alongside the English Springer Spaniel. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an active, loyal, and affectionate breed. Some might be "reserved" with strangers, but should not be timid, shy, or unfriendly. The breed is well known for being affectionate to all members of the family, especially children, and accepting other pets of the household with a friendly, playful attitude.

The coat is naturally straight, flat, and soft to the touch; it should never be wiry or wavy. It is weatherproof and gives protection from all kinds of thorn and brush. The back of the legs, chest, and underside of the body are feathered, and the ears and tail are lightly feathered. Grooming should include a twice weekly brushing with a stiff bristle brush, though extra attention is needed during the shedding seasons. The ears should be regularly checked for grass seeds and signs of infection, and the nails should be kept clipped.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

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