The Whippet is a small dog, a member of the Hound group, also known as the 'SnapDog'. It is a 'sight hound', chasing by direct sight rather than scent and is valued both as a working dog and as a companion. The Whippet is a lean muscular athletic dog with an aerodynamically designed body. They balance muscular strength and power with grace and elegance being built for speed and work. They are both working or racing dogs and ideal companions. The Whippet is intelligent, lively, affectionate, sweet, and docile. This very devoted companion is quiet and calm in the home.

Their coats are fine and short and they are very clean dogs. The Whippet has a very fine coat which offers little protection to the skin, so scratches are likely to become tears. They have sensitive skins therefore harsh shampoos may provoke skin reactions and should be used with care. The Whippet is an average shedder. To keep the coat shiny, wipe down regularly with a damp towel or chamois. You can also brush occasionally using a firm bristle brush. Baths should be given only when needed.


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